About us

How was the TriggerFairy or MassageFee born?

The actual trigger was a sports accident suffered by Daniela Trinkl, who had sustained a shoulder injury. Due to the accident and bad posture, her back began to hurt. She consulted a therapist who tried to relieve the tension at the so-called trigger points on her back. One pressed too hard, the next couldn’t find it at all. Then a friend of hers designed a prototype so that she could feel and massage the trigger points on her own even in those hard-to-reach places. That was the birth of the TriggerFairy.


What makes the Product unique?

The special thing is that everyone can become active and do something good for the muscles. After all, everyone feels the trigger points best himself. Consequently you are the best person to massage your trigger points. Whenever you want, from soft to intensive. The TriggerFairy is very easy to use. It fits in every desk drawer or laptop bag and can be used anywhere in the office, at home or on the road.


Why do we love what we do?

Relaxed moments are the highlights we like to remember. Tense muscles, however, interfere with daily life. The causes are often incorrect postures, excessive strain. With products from TriggerFairy, it is possible to integrate relaxation into everyday life. Quite simply and individually adapted. Our goal is to establish the TriggerFairy as the toothbrush of the back.