What is the TriggerFairy or MassageFee?

The TriggerFairy is a trigger point wellness & fitness device for loosening and strengthening muscles.


Loosening up

Massage, brush, press, tap



Stretch muscles consciously



Prevent tensions



Breathe deeply, relax, recharge your batteries


Fascia ball

Wood Edition

Fascia ball set

Spelt pillow

Countless application possibilities thanks to sophisticated design

The trick with the bag

Our clever product design turns the storage bag into a flexible helper to hit those hard-to-reach trigger points.

Levering out the pain

Thanks to its special design, the TriggerFairy applies the right pressure to the right places.

Maximum relaxation with little effort.


🍁 Autumn campaign 🍁 As a combi now minus 15%

Autumn is here. It's getting cooler, damp, windy or even late summer warm. If you are a little stiff in the morning or raked a lot of leaves the day before, you may feel muscular tension. The best thing to do is to get active right away with the combination of spelt...

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Unclouded joy of 🌺 spring 🌺

Spring is approaching. The garden beckons with the first tender green. It becomes colorful with the spring messengers like snowdrops, daffodils and primroses. Now it's time to dig, pull weeds and loosen the soil. It's great when you can look at your work in the...

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Gives relaxation

With the Trigger Fairy Classic you are on the right track. A tense neck or back is often caused by sitting for long periods of time or one-sided stress. Everyone can do something about it without too much effort. The TriggerFairy is a massage device that can be used specifically to loosen tense muscles. Without bending in the process. Thanks to the lever action, the TriggerFariy can be easily used by anyone. This gives pleasure and relaxation.

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Combination offer: get TriggerFairy Classic and our spelt cushion at a special price

The spelt cushion and the TriggerFairy Classic are a perfect team. With the help of the spelt cushion, the muscles are first warmed up. The warmth has a soothing and relaxing effect. And immediately afterwards, the massage continues with the massage of the trigger points. These trigger points are hardenings in the muscle that are usually sensitive to pressure. With the TriggerFairy Classic you can feel the trigger points – even in hard-to-reach places – and massage them yourself.
If you choose the combination of both, you get 15% off the TriggerFairy Classic.

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