Areas of application of the TriggerFairy®:

Massaging, stroking, pressing, tapping


Muscle building and training of the arms

Breathe deeply, relax, recharge your batteries

First steps: feel the body

It is best to sit comfortably and breathe deeply.
Relax both shoulders and arms, with your elbows resting loosely against your body.

No one feels your body better than you do. First, feel with your fingers and stroke out stress on your neck, throat and arms. Work systematically, like brushing your teeth.

Application: Massage, stroke, press, tap.

Hold the TriggerFairy® loosely by the handle and place the head on the back muscles. The elbows are relaxed against the body! Apply tension to the TriggerFairy® with both hands. Scan your back in this way.

Pull TriggerFairy forward

Place the TriggerFairy® and use the weight of your arm

Use chair back for leverage

Stroking out the muscles





Intensity and duration

Determine the intensity and duration according to your own sense of well-being. For example, enjoy relaxation with the TriggerFairy® for about 5 minutes several times a day.


Stretching is an effective compensation and can support the loosening of the muscles.

Muscle building / training

The training of the arms results from the manual property of the TriggerFairy®.

In this way, you not only ensure relaxation in the back, but also strong and beautiful arms.

These instructions do not provide a diagnosis. The causes of back problems can be many and varied, a doctor should be consulted to determine the cause of the problem. The use of TriggerFairy® does not constitute a medical treatment or therapy. Not a medical product.
Not a medical product. Not a medical product.


The TriggerFairy® made of wood is a premium item that you will enjoy for a lifetime. We designed it for those who value natural materials and premium quality.

You can massage the trigger points and fascia yourself, especially in the area of




Ideal for: Stress, headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, neck tension, stiff neck, back pain, shoulder tension.

How to do it

Massage with the wooden TriggerFairy® stimulates the blood circulation and relaxes the muscle

Cold or warm?

The ball on the head of the wooden TriggerFairy® can be unscrewed. You can heat the ball in water and combine it with heat applications or cool it for a cold application.
Depending on what is good for you.

Be sure to keep your wooden TriggerFairy within reach.

Take a short time out

Scan your back systematically.

Massage the trigger points.

Allow the breath to flow.

And you go on with renewed vigor.

TriggerFairy® fascia ball made of cork, for self-massage of trigger points and fascia from







This stimulates blood circulation and relaxes muscles.

Perfect for foot massage, calf massage, leg massage, back massage, shoulder massage, neck massage. Alternatively, you can use the ball to massage the upper arm, elbow and forearm.

Free yourself from painful tensions, trigger points and stuck fasciae.

Place the cork fascia ball under the sole of your foot or on the affected muscles.

Look for the trigger points, stuck fascia or tension.

Release the tension with light and precise rolling massages.

Lean against a wall, this will increase the pressure.

The proven fascia ball made of cork is now also available in a set in a practical small bag.

Release your tensions naturally – With the fascia balls made of cork.

  • Perfect for a natural massage against trigger points, stuck fascia and tense muscles.
  • Can be used all over the body.
  • Main areas of use: Shoulder, chest, back, hips, buttocks, legs and feet.
  • Ideal for medium to intensive massages.
  • Material: 100% cork
  • Diameter: 6,00 cm 4,00 cm 2,50 cm

Use & effect of the cork fascia ball

Place the fascia ball in the desired area and lean against a wall or lie on the floor.

In this way you build up pressure on the muscles and fascia.

Then slowly roll the ball over the area.

This relaxes your muscles and fasciae and promotes blood circulation.

You can also improve your flexibility and posture, and reduce your susceptibility to injury.


With practical cotton bag

You can put the fascia ball into the cotton bag. Thanks to the long cord, you can place the ball in any hard-to-reach place on your back without the ball falling on the floor.

Natural cork goes best with organic cotton, which we have chosen for the bag.


You can use the fascia ball for:

  • Shoulder pain
  • Impingement syndrome
  • Neckpain
  • Arm pain
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Tennis elbow
  • Back pain
  • Calf pain & cramps
  • Foot pain