Your tensions will be history

relax and recharge your batteries

Enjoy relaxation in the neck

TriggerFairy® Classic

TriggerFairy® or MassageFee®is a wellness & fitness device for loosening and strengthening the muscles.

QUALITY is very important to us! We pay attention to a fair cooperation.

The TriggerFairy® lifestyle is an inner attitude, is philosophy.


TriggerFairy was designed according to the principle of bionic methodology and developed in cooperation with experts. It is manufactured in Germany using state-of-the-art injection molding production methods.
The robust high-tech poly is skin-friendly and suitable for food applications, it is physiologically harmless.



How can I escape the stress trap?

The challenges of modern working life demand a lot from our body and mind. Hours of sitting or standing and an ever-increasing workload in ever-shorter time: the stress trap snaps shut! But this stress is often self-made – our thoughts and habits are the cause. Escape the vicious circle and find a balance. With TriggerFairy® you can do something good for yourself (almost) anywhere and anytime. It is a catalyst for physical and mental relaxation. Join in, your tensions will be history!

The power of now.

TriggerFairy® lifestyle is an inner attitude, is philosophy. Focus on the breath. Conscious breathing and relaxation are important for the body. Make use of this knowledge – for pure relaxation and more quality of life!

Breathe deeply

1. Breathe deeply.

Direct your attention consciously to your breathing. ou can do this particularly easily if you (in your thoughts) speak along with your breathing rhythm.

2. Relax

TriggerFairy® is a relaxation catalyst. Letting go consciously, eliminating stress and taking a deep breath – that is relaxation exponential.

3. Gather strength

More vitality through relaxation and positive thinking: The power of now, happiness is in the moment. Let the worries go, think of something beautiful, strengthen yourself mentally with affirmations like “Yes I can! My immune system is strong!” Balance yourself with the TriggerFairy – this will take you two big steps towards Now!